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Chimera Obscura I (1 May, 2014 - 28 August, 2014)

The Chicago School; or: Swaggity Swiberal…

The preventative act is still a vir-
tuous one. (There’s a non-canonical
proverb about it and all that follows.)

A sinkhole’s as good as a goldmine with-
out too much competition; if we stir
a pot can we scrape off the schmaltz, to cull?
Sometimes, the hand of Adonai must be
guided. Investment can even all lows,
is tantamount to progression, trust me
waste and time plus wrath are next to useless;
a shock is proof of a root or fuse, less-
ons yet to be learned or a rind, a lime pith
is thin but why should you e’er consume one
outside a dare, whom would thee assume won?

31 July, 2014

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